Like anything, INTENTION, SELF BELIEF & ACTION are the secret ingredients to getting what you want in life

Question is…

How many of you are actually being INTENTIONAL with the life you want?

How many actually BELIEVE that you deserve this dream life?

And if you aren’t hitting the mark with the 1st two things, there’s no way you’re actually taking the ACTION to get there

I thought I was rocking it at life & in my business until I got pregnant last fall

I dropped from the face of the earth with blackout fatigue & morning sickness

My client load dropped

My marketing came to a halt

& my confidence disappeared

I felt completely helpless, hopeless & trapped

If I couldn’t work, I couldn’t make money, I couldn’t support my family

With a new baby on the way, you start thinking about the future

Do I want to keep working this hard?

Do I want to be a mom who prioritizes her work over her family?

Is this the end of my career?

Should I just quit now?

I was having SERIOUS doubts of whether I could be a successful business owner while also being a present, loving mom

That’s when it hit me…

What if there was something that can buffer all the self doubts, the financial ups & downs & give me a sense of fulfillment & purpose…all without taking up a ton of hours during the day?


In November 2019 I made a decision that I was going to build my business as big as I could in 5 months before bebe girl got here in May

I got so HUNGRY for the kind of life I wanted, the mom I was going to be & the type of business I owned

I envisioned it every day

I journaled about it

I cut out pictures of the life I wanted to create

I started believing that I had everything within me to be the kind of woman I wanted to be

With a baby on one hip & a business on the other

I know, you’re ‘busy’

We’re ALL busy doing shit

Doing shit we don’t need to be doing

Once I realized that half the things on my to-do list were just things that made me LOOK busy, I had to ask myself if they were even NECESSARY

I started skimming the fat of my schedule

  • Scrolling Instagram
  • Searching for inspiration
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Online shopping
  • Netflix all evening

This shit was taking up a lot of my time, it was zapping my creative energy & leaving me chronically disempowered

I started telling myself, ‘I make my own schedule’

I am in control of everything that goes onto my calendar

I am a designer of my day, not a victim

I stopped saying things like, 

  • ‘I’m sorry’
  • ‘I’m so busy’
  • ‘I’ve got so much to do’

I stopped making excuses

I stopped breaking promises to myself

I stopped going back on my commitments to others

I took control of the wheel of my own damn life

What happened?

  • I filled the pockets of my day with PURPOSE-DRIVEN ACTIVITY
  • I didn’t beat myself up for not getting everything done, instead I just moved it to tomorrow
  • I cut the shit talk with myself

As a result?

I built a 5 figures of residual income in the 10 minute pockets of my day

Think you couldn’t POSSIBLY fit this into your ‘busy’ day?!

Consider what was ALSO going on behind the scenes of my life:

  • Building our dream house in the middle of nowhere on the ranch
  • Living 3 hrs apart from my husband for an entire year
  • Horrendous morning sickness & fatigue for 6 months
  • Packing & moving across the state 7 months pregnant

That’s ON TOP of already having a full client load in my coaching business

Sorry folks, you can’t tell me you’re too busy to fit in 10 min a day to build the life you want

Sure, I’m going to show you compassion & help you re-prioritize, but I’m not going to let your life be run by your damn excuses any longer

Where are my new mammas at?

Are you dreading the day you have to go back to work?

Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your babies?

Wish you could find a career that actually took care of you & rewarded you for your strengths?

Let’s talk, mamma


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