holistic fertility method

Are You Fed Up With Not Knowing WHAT's Keeping You From Getting Pregnant Or HOW To Improve Fertility & Get Pregnant Naturally?

Then you’re in the right place! I help you get to the bottom of WHY you aren’t conceiving and give you a personalized approach to heal the root causes of your fertility challenges so you can get pregnant naturally without stress & obsession

you thought getting pregnant would be easy & filled with joy, but it's just not happening

You've exhausted every source of information & you're totally burnt out of trying everything

You did all the testing with your doctor and it all checked out to be 'normal'

You're absolutely convinced something is wrong with you & you've done something to deserve this pain

And It's left you feeling anxious and overwhelmed, hating the process, and unsure of what to do next.

But it Does NOT have to be this way!

Introducing... the holistic fertility method

What if you were...

  • ovulating consistently & confidently timing your fertile window
  • following a simple nutrition strategy that inspires you to eat healthy without deprivation
  • enjoying the process with peace of mind knowing your body's perfectly healthy and made for this!
  • relying on a support system that was there to lift you out of the downward spiral and encourage you to put one foot in front of the next!
  • never dipping into your life savings to pay for unnecessary fertility treatments

This is for you if...

  • you're fed up with shooting in the dark and being disappointed in yourself every month
  • you're sick of the medications and quick fixes as your only options
  • you're ready to take action and create massive change in your fertility
  • you're tired of doing everything on your own and want step-by-step guidance
  • you want to succeed in creating a healthy body, balanced hormones, & strong mindset for your future baby

What is the strategy?

STEP 1: Optimize Your Fertile Window

In Week 1, we break down the entire process of tracking your cycle, identifying your fertile window, and interpreting your temperature charts to optimize your chance of getting pregnant.

STEP 2: Address Nutrient Imbalances

We’ll reveal and discuss common nutritional deficiencies through macronutrient tracking, blood sugar balancing, and through the addition of anti-inflammatory foods. We’ll provide you with a list of optimal prenatal supplements to support your body and fertility goals.

STEP 3: Lifestyle & Stress Audit

You’ll learn the right and wrong ways to exercise for optimal fertility. In addition, we provide you detailed protocols for acupuncture, meditation, and yoga practices to deepen your relationship with yourself and tap into your innate feminine wisdom. As a bonus, you’ll have the tools to deepen your intimate relationship with your partner.

STEP 4: Uncover Hormonal Imbalances

In Step 4, we reveal any gut health issues or hormonal imbalances that reside and provide a detailed protocol to bring them back to balance for optimal fertility and chance of conception. And finally, you will have a through understanding and detox plan for the environmental toxins in your household that could be preventing you from conception.

STEP 5: Programming Your Mind for Motherhood

We’ll reveal the root causes of your emotional blocks, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from achieving conception. This is a scientific methodology that will show you how to re-wire your brain to think like an abundant mamma and ACT like one too.

I know you've been up late at night asking google how to improve your fertility, but what if I told you you've been asking the wrong things?

There is more you can do for your fertility than you've been led to believe

and your doctor may not be empowering you to make the right decisions

despite what you've been told, You cAN have a major impact on your own fertility.

if you've been told your eggs are too old, your hormones are out of whack or you have PCOS, you can reverse and improve ALL of that with simple lifestyle changes.

included in holistic fertility method:

what your period has to say about your fertility (video + PDF)

how to dramatically improve your egg health (video tutorial)

fertility superfood and supplement Guide (PDF cheatsheets)

Clean Sweep Household Guide (Video and PDFs)

help interpreting lab testing

the 4R gut healing Formula (Video Tutorials)

live Group Coaching inside exclusive facebook group (share your journey, seek advice and receive support)

emotional release formula (to remove blocks in fertility)

access to all materials for life

guaranteed access to group coaching until you are pregnant

It Worked for These Ladies, Too...


What you'll walk away with when you complete holistic fertility method:

A strategic plan to improve your fertility and get pregnant naturally

A go-to

A step-by-step plan so you know what you're doing on a daily basis

Simple systems in place to help you stay consistent and see daily progress

a group of supportive women to bounce ideas off of and support each other

Ready to finally improve your fertility and get over the fear of the unknown so you can get pregnant naturally and feel more at peace?

Who is Your Fertility Coach?

Hi I’m Stesha! I’m a lot like you – I’ve struggled to find balance with food, hormones, and training my entire life. Through high school and college I suffered from an eating disorder and exercise addiction which led to hypothyroidism and irregular periods – all in the name of fitting society’s mold of what it meant to be ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’.

Fast forward to when I found the empowering yet addicting sport of CrossFit – I was still obsessed with my body and the way it looked, but this time my focus was on getting strong and more proficient with this new sport. Long story short, I suffered again with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, PCOS, miscarriages, and infertility – I felt like a hormonal dumpster fire.

And although I never wish these struggles upon anyone, overcoming them has given me the unique experience and insight to help you in your own battle against your inner demons.

My personal experience in overcoming mindset, hormonal, and behavior issues, along with my scientific background in Chemical and Biological Engineering gives me a unique perspective when coaching. Not only do I understand the principles of fertility at a cellular level, but I show you how to take advantage of them through simple, yet effective daily actions. My own journey with nutrition has evolved into a passionate coaching career that I can’t wait to share it with you!

As a holistic fertility Coach, who specializes in gut & hormone health, my job is to EDUCATE, GUIDE, MENTOR, and EMPOWER you along your journey to better HEALTH, vibrant HAPPINESS, and abundant FERTILITY.

As your coach, I listen carefully to your unique story and provide a roadmap we follow together through the curves and bends of life. No judgement, no shame, just love, compassion, and all the fun.
You’ll learn about your unique physiology and how your childhood, trauma, genetics, and lifestyle have influenced your health to this day. Who doesn’t love connecting the dots and uncovering the root causes?!
You’ll become aware of your body’s signs and symptoms so you can take the wheel and drive your health to a better state. I’m all about emowering you to take ownership of your body and I’ll show you how!
Plus, you’ll discover limiting beliefs holding you back from taking the necessary steps to create change and achieve breakthroughs that will free you to live your best life. We’ll uncover those beliefs and rewrite them so that you’re an unstoppable mamma!
There is a plethora of information out there, but knowing what is right, what is wrong, and what works best for YOU is what we’ll navigate together.