Get to Know Your Period

More and more women are saying NO to the pill and YES to their own natural monthly cycles.

By inviting our periods into our daily lives, we make them seem less threatening, less dreadful, and more NORMAL. Because DUH they are normal.

But, do you know what’s happening with YOUR period? Does it come every month? Or skip around? How about the symptoms? Does it sneak up on you or do you experience heavy crampy, flow? Or possibly you take the pill or have an IUD, how has your period been affected that way.

No matter what your situation or age, it’s important to get to know your period. After all, it’s an expression of your underlying health.

When you are healthy, your period comes on time, flows at the right rate, and leaves without causing major disturbances to your life.

Likewise, when you are unhealthy or dysfunctional in some way, your period may show up as a dreaded monster or not at all.

“Think of your period as a monthly Report Card,” says Lara Briden, ND. “Every Month it can offer a helpful account of what’s happening with your health in general… Like what you need to do and what you need to change.”

Think of it as one of your VITAL SIGNS, for goodness sake!

Hence, if you’re reading this and thinking “oh shit, I’ve got some work to do,” you’re not alone!

As young girls and adolescents, we aren’t taught what’s normal… Hell, we aren’t really encouraged to talk about it at all!

That changes right here, right now!

If you have someone in mind who would benefit from this women’s health series, please tag them so we can make this subject something to talk freely about without shame!

Also, if you’re currently on birth control, check out the last post for details on what type you’re taking!

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