Get Over Yourself (with love)

If there is ONE thing you read today, I hope it’s this… Get over yourself

No really, I mean this in the most loving way!

Look, people are going to point fingers and talk about you. Just like a pigeon is going to shit, people are going to talk.

People will see what you’re doing and it’s going to make them jealous, it’s going to expose their own feelings of inadequacy.

That hurts! And people don’t like to hurt alone, so they’ll want to bring you back down to their level where everything is safe again.

You gotta see this for what it is. It’s not about you. It’s about them. And you gotta make moves anyway.

Fear is not a Fact.

Fear of showing up…
Fear of what people will say…
Fear of losing it all… They are not Fact

Sure, you might actually be made fun or lose respect from some people. But that’s OK, right? I mean, you didn’t die in the process, did you?

If that doesn’t work, try flipping the script and give it a positive reason for why taking a risk is a good thing.

For example without showing up, you cant’t share what you’ve learned, and you aren’t going to change people’s lives for the better. Someone out there will continue suffering because you weren’t willing to get over yourself and look beyond.

This post is selfishly a reminder to myself when I hear people talk. I have always been quiet, introverted, and fearful of what people have to say. Luckily my passion to help YOU is far greater than any story I believe about myself🙏🏼 What story is keeping you small? What script can you flip to one day get over yourself and look beyond?

All the feels this Friday, love to hear from YOU girly

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