From Paleo to Performance

My girl Ashley Britton and her epic experience over the last few months of coaching – enjoy 🙂


-Ashley Britton

“My journey starts out like so many others, finding CrossFit and Paleo, to eating all the avocado and bacon and punishing my body through workouts, to binging on the weekend (and almost every evening, to be honest). I thought I could work off what I ate in the gym. I ate blindly and didn’t even enjoy my food when I sat down to eat it. I just inhaled it till I was miserably full. I didn’t enjoy Paleo or Whole30 or Keto, I flat out hated that I felt I had to give up so much of the food that I loved to be “healthy” that it only caused me to try and stuff myself full of the “approved” food groups, only to leave me standing in the pantry eating a whole box of cookies later. I wish I was over exaggerating.

The most honest truth was that I didn’t know how I had gotten to this point, but more importantly, I lacked any confidence in myself that I could reverse it. I looked and felt better in college when I didn’t have a care in the world, but now that I was working out for an aesthetic goal and eating for my health; I looked and felt worse than I ever had.

It wasn’t till my husband and I moved 10 hours away from anything familiar that I finally decide to speak out and admit I wanted to make a change and to invest time in myself. That was the hardest part. Being a type A habitual people pleaser, saying out load that putting others before myself was going to stop, and that my new number one priority was me.

A big part of putting this into action was reaching out for coaching. I had worked with them in the past, but previously was claiming that I loved my size and was just looking for “performance”. This time I came clean and said that my main goal was aesthetics. I no longer cared what my performance was, I no longer cared if I made any progress in the gym, I just wanted to feel like I recognized myself and feel at home again in my own body.

Stesha and I got paired up and from the very start, I noticed small positive changes. Even though I was just at maintenance for the first 4 weeks, I already noticed the inflammation in my body going down.

With Stesha’s help, I started tracking sleep for the first time and noticed that I was nowhere near where I needed to be with the amount and quality of sleep. This alone helped a ton! I no longer held myself to ‘paleo’ or totally ‘clean eating’ and instead went with my gut. Turns out, without even trying I have stayed true to a predominantly whole foods diet, but I also have things that just make my head happy and with that the binges went away! I stopped caring what my performance was, and while I had prepared myself for finishing last every day, that didn’t happen; ironically my performance has stayed close to where it was.

Stesha and I also dropped down my time spend in the gym, from going 5 days a week, to 3. This not only allowed for me to recover better but has made me not feel like the gym is a punishment. Not to mention that best part is that I finally don’t wake up every morning feeling like my body had been in a car wreck the day before.

The biggest accomplishment though for me is now finally giving myself the momentum I have needed for so long. I never though I would be the person that could turn down fast food, or sweets, or that wouldn’t binge when having no choice but to eat out. Not only do I do all those things now, but I want to do them! I am so happy with how far I have come and am excited for the journey ahead as I know I still have a ton of accomplishments before me. Stesha has been awesome and she is such an amazing coach!

She always makes me see the silver lining when I get lost in the process, the first one to point out a milestone or accomplishment when I am not giving myself enough credit, and so full of information that not only leads me in the right direction but educates me along the way.
Overall if I had one thing to leave you with, it would be to take the time to put yourself first, you cannot give when you are running on empty. While progress pictures are fun, the amount of joy that is back in my life simply because I started to focus more on myself is unmeasurable, and everyone deserves that!”