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I see many adult women hold a lot of resentment towards their mothers

In fact, this was me for many years, as well

Victimized by the lack of love & positive role modeling from a motherly figure was the crutch for all my blame

But how does this benefit us?

It doesn’t

It keeps us disempowered & stuck in our own self-sabotaging stories

I’m no good, unlovable, and unworthy

I’ll never be good enough or amount to anything

Happiness? I couldn’t tell you the last time I felt happy

I don’t deserve the good things in life

I have nothing to be grateful for

Life has to be hard & people are inherently bad

So you’re raising your hand agreeing, “if only I had a loving mom, then things would be different…”

Well I’m here to tell you, ‘no they wouldn’t’

Instead, if only you had the awareness & will to change your beliefs, then things would be different.

Yep, that’s right, I’m putting the responsibility back on you, love

Accepting responsibility for your own life, actions, & upbringing is extremely empowering &, quite frankly, a huge revelation for most women

The first step?


Forgive yourself

Forgive your mother

It’s going to take some introspection, but here’s how to begin

Embody the hurt you feel from your mom

Then picture HER mom making HER feel that way

Oh shit – sad, right?

Now we’re feeling a skosh of empathy instead of resentment & blame

You can see that your mom doesn’t know any different in the way she treats you

Instead, she’s just reenacting the behavior that HER mom taught her

She’s not criticizing YOUR body, she’s really attacking HERS

Inside, she’s just another woman who’s super self conscious & unhappy about HERself and is taking it out on you

From this introspection, you are able to see that her words & judgement have NOTHING to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with the lack of self love & self confidence she has for herself.

& it’s within that moment that you are able to forgive her and show her the love that she never received as a little girl <3

I know this is radical, but it’s the first step, love <3

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