Finding Balance in Health & Fitness

This is me after a Vinyasa yoga class.

6 months ago, I never in a million years, would have thought of doing a yoga class for my ‘workout.’

I never would have thought that doing 3×12 squats at 50% 1RM would be effective enough to keep me in shape, and now I don’t lift much above that…

6 months ago, it was either a hardcore strength and hypertrophy workout plus CrossFit plus a short run or else I didn’t get a “good workout in.”

The fuck?!

But it makes sense, I (and you) have been brain washed that doing MORE will make me fit. That eating LESS will make me lean. But that kind of mindset just made me fat, inflamed, and miserable.

Once this extremist mindset burnt me to a crisp and crushed my hormonal health and well-being, I had to make a change.

A DRASTIC change.

It was hard for me to admit at first, but I realized I had nothing to be ashamed of. We LIVE and we LEARN and that allows us to share our wisdom with others who are just starting their fitness journey.

So what did I learn?

I learned that for ME to be happy, fit, and lean I take 10k steps in nature every day, do 2-3 45min lifting sessions and 2 Vinyasa yoga classes per week. That’s it!

As a result, I have more time and energy to put towards my business, self-care routine, husband, and friends. I have made space for a healthy marriage, baby, and building a new home on our ranch. I have replaced my priority of surface-level looks and achievements with faith, self-improvement and becoming a better human being.

So, what does a BALANCED mindset around health and fitness look like for YOU?

Consider these tips I’ve discovered over the last 6 months to help you out:

1. Working out less does NOT mean that you lose your gains. In fact, you’ll likely gain more muscle/strength without the lingering water retention and fat accumulation from excessive inflammation and cortisol levels.

2. Listen to your body and take action. If you want to go for a run because the sun is shining, or if you want to do today’s CrossFit class (God-forbid you cherry pick the workout that are right for you), or perhaps you only have 20 min to go for a relaxing walk around the block – DO THAT! Your body is far better at knowing what it wants and needs than you do – trust in that!

3. You don’t need 60-90 min in the gym to get a workout in. Walking, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, and going for a bike ride are all increasing your heart rate, getting you out of the house, into nature, and improving your well-being. That’s the whole point of exercise, right?!

So as you continue to find YOUR definition of BALANCE, remember that keeping your health, mind, and body as a priority will lead you in the right direction. Just because you are 6 years into CrossFit, doesn’t mean you are going to lose who you are by taking a break to prioritize health.

If you are struggling to find these answers for yourself, comment below and let’s have a chat!

2 thoughts on “Finding Balance in Health & Fitness”

  1. This literature is absolutely necessary for EVERYONE to read. Excellent, Stesha. So proud of you for going against the grain.

  2. Thank you! Definitely needed to hear this as I’m in a season of being burnt out/ recovering from CrossFit burn out after 6+ years. Part of what I loved about crossfit was the programming- I didn’t have to figure out what kind of workout to do for myself. I just had to show up. But now that I’m trying to adjust what I’m doing a bit, I’m not sure what all to add in/ do. And there’s that huge underlying fear that I’m going to put on weight if I’m not in the gym 4-5 times per week. How have you worked on that mindset shift? Or was that one that you had to address?

    Thanks for all of your awesome posts!!

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