Fertility Treatments Don’t Actually Make You Fertile

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Most of the women I speak to about fertility coaching have already seen at least one fertility doctor

When I ask them – What was your diagnosis?

The majority say – uhhh I have no idea

And what’s worse, either do the doctors…

The way most fertility medicine works, is that the diagnosis is seen as almost irrelevant

I mean, why waste time figuring out WHY she’s not getting pregnant…we’re just going to giver her drugs anyway

To me, it feels like both patients and doctors have the general attitude that medicine is more powerful than nature

And why waste time on nature when we can just force a woman to get pregnant?

But the thing is…fertility treatments don’t actually make a woman more fertile

The only function of fertility drugs is to make more eggs release

They won’t help one bit if the problem is bad sperm, imbalanced hormones, mineral/vitamin deficiencies, an infection, or something toxic in the environment

You can pump out as many eggs as you like, but if the sperm can’t get to them or penetrate them, or the body can’t implant them or keep them once they’re implanted, it’s not going to get you any closer to having a baby

Fertility drugs can get you more eggs, but they can’t make a woman more fertile.

The first order of business must ALWAYS be to find out WHY someone is not getting pregnant

Now I’m not against fertility treatments one bit!

They are a saving grace to many couples out there that truly have no other choice!

But what I am advocating for is the couple who are in their 20s and 30s, who have been trying for a year or so, may not totally have their nutrition, lifestyle, hormones and fertility optimized and can use some mentoring, educating, and practicing of healthier habits to not only get pregnant naturally, but ALSO bring a healthy baby into a healthy home

Fertility is more than just popping out eggs and getting them fertilized…it’s a way of being…a transformation that takes place…and we want to help women honor that FIRST before jumping into expensive, invasive treatments if they don’t need to.

Can I get an AMEN if this was empowering for you?

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