Fertility During Corona Virus

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Are you sitting there bummed & betrayed?

Are you worried about your fertility, your age, & if your body will ever be enough?

Maybe your fertility treatments are on hold right now & you’re even MORE uncertain & worried

Neuroscience shows that the thoughts we think are JUST as important to the quality of our eggs as the food & supplements we consume

So if you’ve been eating fertility-boosting foods, taking supplements daily, & avoiding endocrine disrupting chemicals, but you’re NOT managing your negative thoughts?

You’re missing HALF the equation

If you have negative limiting beliefs about yourself…

Constantly feeling ashamed of who you are…

Doubting that you’ll ever be a mom…

Those thoughts are JUST as inflammatory as eating processed foods, drinking excess alcohol, & exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

Picture this…

You get your period yet again


You lose weeks, even MONTHS down the rabbit hole

You feel like an absolute failure

That there’s something wrong with you

That it’s so much easier for everyone else

You know that story all too well, don’t you

But what if your story was different?

What if you found PEACE, JOY, TRUST

You believed in yourself again

You processed the grief, trauma & sadness

You unpacked your fertility fears

Maybe you give yourself grace & become your best friend

Rekindle the love for your partner

Started having FUN along the way

If you’re living off a constant barrage of negative, self-deprecating thoughts, then you’re living in a constant state of fight or flight

Your body is stressed, it doesn’t feel safe & it’s NOT thinking about bringing baby into a world of so much distrust & uncertainty

We need to find the root of your thoughts, unpack those fears, process, release, & heal from them

THEN we can release the shame & harsh judgement & begin to love ourselves & find joy in this journey

I want to help YOU through this time of uncertainty

To pass on that hope

To help you find love for yourself & joy in the process.

I know it seems like a far stretch, but what do you have to lose? We’re quarantined for the next month, anyway!

When you take action right now you are signing up to release your fears, transform your mindset, & drastically improve your fertility & chance of getting pregnant

This week & next we are offering Free Infertility Root-Cause Discovery calls where we’ll cover your:

Fertility history

Hormonal Imbalances

Gut Health / Inflammation

Mental / Emotional Blocks

If you’re looking for a productive way to move forward with your fertility journey, please message me directly & I’ll give you the link to book your call


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