Exactly HOW Stress Shuts Down Fertility

When I heard that ‘stress’ was decreasing my chances of getting pregnant, a couple thoughts came to mind

1. I thought it was a cop out…’ya ya yaaaa blame it on stress’

2. I didn’t think I was even that stressed…’I mean I’m not burned out or overwhelmed so I’m not that stressed right?’

With these thoughts, I basically blew off the opportunity to look at the stress in my life & make any changes that would be beneficial to my fertility

Which is why I know that spelling out exactly HOW stress decreases fertility, would help anyone else out there who may be blowing off their stressors as I was

Stress – both internal & external; emotional & physical – is the ROOT of our bodies not functioning the way they were designed

So how can stress / negative emotions affect your body on a physical level?

1. Decreases blood flow to the uterus

2. Decreases follicle production & quality

3. Increases cortisol levels which inhibits ovulation

4. Weakens the adrenal glands which decreases progesterone levels

5. Shifts the hypothalamus from fertile mode to survival mode

6. Disrupts pituitary gland’s production of FSH / LH

7. Causes long / irregular cycles making ovulation a guessing game

8. Increases prolactin levels which inhibits ovulation

The interesting observation with this list is that they’re often used as a diagnosis for something PHYSIOLOGICAL when the true issue might actually be EMOTIONAL

Have you ever gotten your FSH / estrogen / progesterone tested & your doctor simply prescribed hormone replacement without any discussion of your emotional / mental health?

This is why it’s so important to consider a holistic approach to fertility

Your fertility is based upon the health of your physical, emotional & mental bodies

If you’ve only considered the PHYSIOLOGICAL components of your unexplained infertility, it’s time to explore the emotional / mental too

Not only will you improve your fertility, you will also become more confident, loving, & empowered

All things that make a pretty great mother <3

If you are ready to take a deep dive into your emotional / mental body to see what might be blocking your fertility potential…DM me to start that conversation

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