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As a Type A, high achiever I know all too well about chasing approval & recognition

In high school, you could find me in every honors / AP class at every opportunity

In college, you could find me tutoring in multi-variable calculus when I was just a freshman

It didn’t stop at school. As soon as I could work, I’d always have 1, sometimes 2 jobs at a time

I was obsessed with making sure I looked good, seemed smart, had money, stayed slim, & convinced everyone that I had it all together

If there was an option to go\ above & beyond, I did it
If there was a harder path to travel, I took it
I was constantly chasing the need to prove myself – to prove that I was worthy enough to get attention

From whom?

I guess my parents, my teachers, my bosses, the popular kids, the smart kids, everyone – but myself

The irony is that the more I chased, the more burnt out & empty I became

Why is it that every time I accomplished something I didn’t feel recognized? Approved of? Or accepted? At least not for very long?

Because the result I was chasing – approval – never REALLY came in the way I needed it to

I was so busy trying to control everything on the SURFACE, that I forgot about nurturing the stuff on the INSIDE

Can you relate to this? That feeling of chasing, controlling, manipulating the external to get a result? Just to find that when you GET it, you aren’t happy like you thought you’d be?

That’s because the approval we are seeking does not come from the outside world – it’s from OURSELVES

If you want to feel true belongs, acceptance & worthiness, it must come from YOU first, bebe

Another terms for this is SELF LOVE

Many of you come to me wanting to find peace, calm, confidence, & happiness in your life

But you think it comes from losing weight, earning money, getting married, having babies

And sure – that stuff likely brings moments of joy & happiness

But if you truly want bone-deep, ever lasting joy and happiness, we’ve got to shift the focus to the inside

If this work is in alignment with what you know you need, then I invite you to apply to our HHB program so you can STOP CHASING & BURNING YOURSELF OUT and find the lasting approval, acceptance and worthiness you desire.

See you in there xoxo

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