Do You Really Need To Go Through IVF?

You never imagined getting pregnant was going to be so damn hard

Yet here you are, 28 years old, sitting in a fertility clinic awaiting your test results

You’re not alone

1 in 8 couples struggle to get pregnant naturally

And more than 9 million women seek infertility treatments per year

and that’s just in the US alone

I get it, I was there too

You want to do everything you can, but you want to be smart about it

You don’t want to rush into expensive treatments with all the inherent risks and side effects

But at the same token, you feel this ticking time bomb of pressure

Truth be told, you’d try just about anything if it meant having a healthy baby in your arms, am I right?

This is just the position most of my clients fall into, too

No matter if they’ve sought out a reproductive endocrinologist, an OB surgeon, or even a Chinese medicine practitioner, they all feel coxed, coerced, and pressured into more and more procedures, tests, and appointments

But the thing is
we estimate that as many as half of the women who use IVF could get pregnant without it..yep you heard us right

Nature is still the most effective, efficient, and healthy way to conceive a baby

And you know what else? It’s better for the mother, better for the baby, and better for the couple

We sure aren’t against the use of medical interventions, but only as needed – NOT as the first (unnecessary) choice

If you are trying to get pregnant – or thinking about trying – you will benefit IMMENSELY from our 3 month program – Holistic Fertility Method

If you’ve been having unprotected sex for 6 months but still aren’t pregnant, or if you are between 35-40 years old you need it, too

HFM provides you with a clear path to getting pregnant with as little medical intervention as possible

So before you make the huge investment (financial, emotional, relational) in IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), invest 3 months in the HFM program

We promise you that investing in these 3 months to prepare your body for natural conception will be the BEST thing you can do for your health and that of your babies <3

Have you been seeking out fertility treatments? I would love to hear your journey in the comments below!

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