Ditching Environmental Toxins is NOT Another Fad Diet

I used to think that toxins were a given & there is nothing I can do about them

I never thought of the when I bought food & other products

Hell, I didn’t even wear pants when I sprayed weeds!

But since hitting an all-time low in my health last year. I wanted to do better.

I dug into research about glyphosphate, BPA, & other chemical ingredients lurking in the food & products I used daily

Could this have contributed to my degrading health? Perhaps it wasn’t the MAJOR cause, but it was definitely a contributor.

So why should we care about this stuff? Why should we stop scoffing at environmentalists & health advocates championing for better regulations against these toxins in our environment?

Because there’s enough correlative & causative data proving that toxins have a significant detrimental effect to our health. And ignoring such facts (for whatever reason pertaining to your belief system), leaves you in the dark & suffering.

Still struggling to wrap your head around this? No worries, I was the same way. My dad is a wheat farmer, I was ingrained to to be as conventional as they get. But I’ve opened my mind about other possibilities, to which my health has GREATLY improved.

So join me here, broaden your belief system so you too can reduce toxins in your environment, protect your family from exposure, & feel better in your body.

Where do toxins come from? The 2 major sources are

  1. Conventionally grown food sprayed with pesticides to kill insects/herbicides (GMO-foods like corn, wheat, soy), grown in heavy-metal contaminated water (rice), spread with high-phosphate fertilizer (soy), & fed antibiotics/hormones to encourage faster growth rates (animal products).
  2. 2. Personal-care products/perfumes are high in endocrine-disrupting pthalates in fragrances.

And while there’s no argument that lifestyle, nutrition, & genetics play a major role in health, symptoms of declining health & chronic disease can also be associated with toxic overload.

Yearning for more info? Check out “The Toxin Solution” by Joseph Pizzorno

And if you’re self-motivated and ready to jump in, apply to our 12 Week Fat Burning Detox course 🦋

We CAN make a difference ❤️

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