Ditch the ‘macro-friendly’ Thinking

Earlier this week I saw a fitness influencer post a tutorial on how to ‘MACRO-HAUL’ your fridge and pantry.

What I saw was horrifying…

Refrigerator full of sugar-free, fat-free, dairy and gluten filled processed crap.

Pantry full of processed, sugar-free, fat-free snacks and nutrient-devoid packaged meals.

As someone who has experienced the power of food as medicine, it’s hard to believe that i used to be one of these ‘IIFYM’ followers… Which is also why I’m not judging anyone who eats this way.

But if you’re anything like me back in my CrossFit days, mowing through bowls of cinnamon toast crunch because I ‘needed the carbs’ for performance, you likely just don’t know any better.

I want to show you the power of food as medicine. Are you ready to shift your perception about food?

First. Ditch the ‘macro friendly’ way of thinking, and instead eat anything you see in the produce aisle.

Trouble getting started?

As you stroll through the produce section of your fav grocery store, try to grab 2 to 3 fruits and veggies of each color of the rainbow.



Next, venture to the back of the store where all the fresh meat is kept. Pick 2 of each of poultry, red meat, and sea food.

Organic, pasture-raised Turkey 🦃 chicken 🐓 eggs 🥚
Organic Pork loin 🐖 bacon 🥓
Organic, grass finished ground beef 🐄 steak🥩
Wild caught shrimp🍤 halibut🐠 salmon🐟

Then grab some healthy fats from flaxseed, walnuts, avocado, coconut oil, grass fed ghee, coconut cream, and olive oil.

In need of some more starchy carbs? Go for Whole Foods first over grains like sweet potatoes, yams, and squash!

Second. Divy up your meals I to 4 across the day.

Include a protein, a leafy green, a fibrous vegetable/fruit, and some healthy fats to each meal.

You’ll be off to a great start feeling healthier, energized, more joyful, and radiant.

Ready to give this a go? Let me know in the comments your favorite grocery store!


** everyone’s nutritional needs will look different, this is a general starting point for those looking to incorporate more whole foods into their diet **

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