Detox Vs. Detoxification

We talk a lot about the importance of liver detoxification here.

But I think it’s important to discern the difference between the typical DETOX CLEANSE sold by the latest MLM scam vs. the actual DETOXIFICATION pathway of our body.

A DETOX CLEANSE is a short term program involving restriction & elimination of certain foods while adding in others in order to upregulate the body’s detoxification pathways.

Historically, people have been doing ‘cleanses’ for centuries. Although this idea has some benefit for health, it’s essentially like taking a 3 day shower every 6 months, rather than taking a 5 min shower every day. That logic just doesn’t work.

Furthermore, many of these cleanses and detoxes on the market have no evidence to support them and can cause harm!

DETOXIFICATION, on the other hand, is the body’s own innate capacity to process chemical toxins and eliminate them from the body.

The organs responsible for detoxifying include kidneys, liver, sweat glands, lymph nodes, GI tract, & immune system. They’re capable of tagging, packaging, & removing pollutants, drugs, and many other chemicals that affect our health.

The human body is CONSTANTLY in some state of detox. The liver, specifically, houses a series of enzymatic reactions that neutralize and dissolve toxins. It turns toxic substances into LESS toxic substances and then dissolves them in water to be eliminated from the kidneys and/or gut.

The goal of detoxification is to breakdown hormones, metabolize vitamins, inflammatory molecules, signalling compounds, environmental toxins, prescriptions drugs, and even plant compounds that we are exposed to in our daily fruit and veggies and any herbal medicines.

So if our body already has the capacity to detoxify, why worry about it?

Because the amount of toxins bombarding us on a daily basis is SO GREAT now days, that our detoxification processes likely become overwhelmed and can’t keep up. PLUS, we lack adequate phytonutrients in our SADs (Standard American Diets). It’s a double whammy.

As a result, we see disease and hormonal imbalance.

Looking for more information? Considering learning more about environmental toxins and the body’s detoxification pathways in our course HERE.

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