Comparison is your greatest teacher

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Comparison is your greatest teacher

So you’re scrolling the Gram and BAM, there it is

Susan with her recent engagement

Karen in her new $50K Mercedes

Becky on her 3 month vacation in Bali

Cheryl announcing her 4th pregnancy

Whatever it is for you, you know the feeling

It makes you want to throw your phone & hide from the world

Here’s the thing, sis

Those triggers…are actually working in your FAVOR, not against you

When jealousy bubbles up in your throat & your jaw clenches…I want you to stop resisting & instead embrace it

Know that the jealously you feel for Becky is cuz she’s representing the unexpressed version of yourself

Rather than hating on people who seem to ‘have it all,’ ask yourself

What have THEY created that my heart desires?

Lean into that trigger & ask yourself what it really means?

What do THEY have that I know I am capable of?

What steps can I take right now to stop playing small & go get what I desire?

Jealousy isn’t fun for anyone. I find myself feeling it most when I’m vulnerable & insecure

And I might stay here for a little bit & wallow. But instead I don’t stay here for 6 months, I stay here for 1 evening

I feel the pain, embody it, understand it, give myself grace for indulging in it & then immediately come up with a plan to up-level

I found that feeling the damn feeling was the 1st secret

The 2nd secret is using that pain as motivation to TAKE ACTION

The 3rd secret is expressing genuine gratitude for the people who triggered me

Understanding that this trigger is the exact pain I need to motivate myself to step up & live the life I know I’m capable of, to stop playing small, to stop blaming everyone else & actually take responsibility

Mmmm so good, so empowering

Triggers & ‘negative’ emotions have been my most trusting & dependable guides

When I’m hurting I know that if I do the work, something BIG is just on the other side. Analogous to enduring a long winter & anticipating an early Spring

Today’s challenge is to FIRST notice yourself comparing, SECOND is to lean into that feeling, and THIRD decide HOW you can use it for massive growth and transformation

Anyone else feel me on this?

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