Chronic Stress and Fat Gain

How many people try to ‘eat right’ and ‘exercise more’ and yet still gain weight? Millions!

The missing pieces of the puzzle for most people are STRESS MANAGEMENT and HORMONE CONTROL.

The biggest problem with chronic stress is the fact that its initial effects are subtle…

cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down, you gain a few extra pounds, feel a bit fatigued, a modest drop in sex drive, lack of focus and memory.

These are NOT normal signs of aging, becoming an adult, or whatever crap shoot excuse your doc threw at you…

These are actually the initial signs of obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and cancer.

For the next few weeks or so I’m going to take you through steps on HOW YOU CAN STOP THIS CYCLE of chronic stress, fatigue, weight gain, etc.

In the end, it comes down to:

1. Stress increases cortisol exposure, which leads to increased appetite and abdominal fat.

2. Increased cortisol reduces testosterone levels (in both men and women), leading to loss of sex drive and muscle mass, and an increase in fatigue and body fat.

3. Not only does high cortisol levels OUTSIDE the cell cause dysregulation in metabolic hormones, but also high cortisol levels INSIDE fat cells can encourage more fat storage.

Tag yo’ stressed friends who need a little guidance in finding their inner chill-as Jack 😉 I know I did!