Check Your Progesterone For Optimal Fertility

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PROGESTERONE is extremely important in terms of optimal fertility

Whether your goal is to conceive naturally OR prepare your body for a successful round of fertility treatments…knowing your progesterone levels can be very useful in determining what nutrition and lifestyle changes you need to consider

Progesterone is a hormone produced mainly by the ovaries (but a little by the adrenal glands too), & has many roles

– helps to build / stabilize the uterine lining in preparation for implantation

– relaxes the uterine muscle & decreases chances of contractions

– temporarily inhibits the immune system to accept the fertilized egg

Kinda of a big deal, eh?!

Progesterone should be tested 7 days post ovulation (so for most women that is around day 21 of their cycle (assuming a standard 28 day cycle).

The reason we test on this day is cuz, we really aren’t making a whole lot of progesterone in the first half of our cycle (follicular phase), it only begins to rise after ovulation!

After ovulation, the follicle that released the egg (now called the corpus luteum) starts producing progesterone.

A functional progesterone level is 15-20 ng/mL

Is Your Progesterone Level Low?

Causes of Low Progesterone:

– hypothyroidism


– endometriosis

– nutrient deficiences / disordered eating

– excessive training / undereating

– mental / emotional stress

– stress/shame/guilt trying to conceive

– doubts/fears of motherhood

– past sexual trauma

Can you resonate with one or more items on the list above?

Low progesterone is a very common symptom that goes undetected – even before / during fertility treatments!

Next Steps

If fertility treatments are your only option, then making sure your progesterone levels are healthy is EXTREMELY important, otherwise your body will likely not accept the treatments

This journey to motherhood doesn’t have to be full of anxiety & doubt!

If you find yourself buried in fear, resentment & heoplessness, pleaseeee reach out for a call & we can help change that for you in 90 days time <3

Click here to book your call, I’ll see you in there <3 Take care mamma – you got this!

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