Causes of Low Sex Drive

When your significant other is a total babe, but you feel no spark?

Bummer! Before you do something crazy, let’s rule out any hormonal issues you might be experiencing, shall we?

We’re seeing an epidemic of low testosterone levels prevalent among relatively healthy individuals which is the leading cause of low sex drive.

The correlation can be attributed to high cortisol levels competing with testosterone, or simply your C:T ratio is meh

Stress comes from many different things, not just from your inconsiderate boss – it’s anything that causes your bod to deviate from homeostasis.

Examples include: processed foods, chemicals in the environment, inflammation, over-caffeinated, lack of sleep, insulin resistance, perceived stress from work, families, and trauma

Causes of your lack of sexual interest include:

  • Hormonal BC. Lack of ovulation results in a loss of sexual interest & makes it harder to achieve an orgasm. Begging the question, ‘what’s the point?’
  • Amenorrhea. If you aren’t getting your period, then we aren’t ovulating, and our ovaries aren’t producing estrogen, progesterone or testosterone (which, hello, is the major source of our hormones that make us women).
  • Age. With every decade we age, testosterone decreases by 10%. Meanwhile, we also start to produce more SHBG (the protein binding free testosterone and making it ‘un-bioavailable’).

How to increase our natural testosterone production:

  • Cleanse the Liver (Pure Encapsulations DIM detox is all encompassing)-Get 8-9hrs of sleep per night (which improves cortisol and insulin sensitivity)
  • Eat protein in your breaky and every 3-4hr throughout the day (balanced blood sugar is the easiest way to balance hormones)
  • Eat an adequate amount of fats, minimum of ~60g/85g for women/men (equal amounts saturated, mono-, and polyunsaturated)
  • Manage stress (gratitude journal, 1 min deep breathing, walking meditation
  • Consider adaptogenic herbs to manage cortisol levels throughout the day (energizing herbs like ginseng in the morn and calming herbs such as Rhodiola in the afternoon)
  • Eliminate caffeine (switch to decaf coffee, Caribou’s is amazing!)
  • Eliminate alcohol (which raises estrogen level and creates systemic imbalance)
  • Replace CF/OTF/HIIT with strength and hypertrophy on most days
  • Consider testosterone enhancing supps (Eurycoma, Zinc, cordyceps)
  • Do as much Organic shopping as your budget allows.

There’s no way we can be perfect with all of these actions, but doing your best with some of them are going to give you noticeable improvements in hormonal balance and libido. Cheers!