Gut Health

Food Sensitivity Tests: what you need to know

Are you experiencing any gas, bloating, acne, excess mucous production, cravings, brain fog, or uncomfortably painful cramping after eating? I know I certainly had all these symptoms of poor gut health and food sensitivities and it’s a miserable journey! At the time, I was 3 years deep into competitive CrossFit, crushing 300g of carbs on …

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Acne Root Cause #1: Inflammation

Remember that skin can be inflamed from the outside as well as the inside. Externally, skin can be triggered by UV light or allergens in soaps and cosmetics which cause the skin cells to produce cytokines and chemokines (inflammatory hormones that bind to certain cell receptors and then trigger more inflammatory hormones leading to increased …

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Have a Leaky Gut?

Our gut is more than just a garbage disposal for our food – it is involved with immunity, mental health, detoxification, & hormone balance. # When the lining of our gut is impaired from inflammatory conditions we put it under (stress, chemical additives, inflammatory foods, alcohol, etc) then shit hits the fan. # More specifically, …

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