Essential Oils

Chemistry of Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Taken directly from this critical review, “essential oils are complex mixtures of volatile compounds particularly abundant in aromatic plants and are mainly composed of terpenes. These volatile molecules include monoterpenes (hydrocarbon and oxygenated monoterpens), sesquiterpenes (hydrocarbon and oxygenated sesquiterpens), and phenolic compounds. Thanks to their chemical composition, essential oils possess numerous …

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Detox Your Armpits Before Using Natural Deodorant

Sweating is a natural process of cooling and detoxifying your body. And it’s an important feature of the body’s most unique organ: your skin. Nontoxic deodorant can be one of the last conventional products we switch over to natural. We understand the reasons people hang on to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants: we don’t want to …

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