Break Free From the Dieting Mindset

It can be tricky to resist succumbing to the diet mindset.

Throughout most of our lives, us women work non-stop trying to shrink and be smaller.

Many of us (myself included) grew up with mom’s and aunts and grandma’s who were constantly judging themselves for their size and how they were going to change that (along with their self worth) with the newest diet plan.

I was told that I should always be watching my weight, choosing foods that are the lowest in calories, wearing clothes that made me look slimmer, and learning as many ‘tips and tricks’ as possible to help me eat less so that I could be less.

Do you resonate?

“It’s as if constantly working on ‘shrinking’ is a basic requirement of being a woman,” says Jen Comas, writer for Girls Gone Strong.

This dieting mindset has been passed down to many women, starting at an insanely young age, without ever telling them that they are perfectly acceptable and loved at any shape and size they may be.

Additionally, the diet mindset convinces us that food is only sought out in terms of calories, which leads us to buy ‘low fat, low sugar, chemical-laden bullshit’ that ends up jacking up our mood, hormones, and energy.

Likewise, we are taught to feel SHAME over our own body’s hunger signals and taught ‘the top 10 hacks’ to dismiss and overcome it.

The fuck?!

Now whether you choose to diet or not is your choice. I believe that telling a woman that she isn’t supposed to diet is just as misguided as telling her that she needs to diet.

This post is simply to encourage you to consider whether dieting is, in fact, YOUR choice, or if it’s motivated by someone or something else.

If you are looking for someone to give you permission to be more, live more, and love more feel free to reach out to us and our community. You’re not alone and it’s never too late to reframe your mindset from scarcity towards abundance.

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