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When I think about how I recovered from adrenal fatigue, how I lost 15lbs, how I ditched depression and anxiety, how I now spend most of my day happy, excited, dancing, and connecting with other people…

I realize that it wasn’t in the strategy

It wasn’t the 20th Whole30 challenge I did

It wasn’t the intense exercise plan I stuck to

It wasn’t the crazy amount of money I spent on supplements

It was all done because I shifted my perception, my beliefs, my subconscious programming

No longer did I see the world through the lens of

I’m not enough

You’re not there yet

You can be happy when you get x, y, z

No longer did I let the environment control my reactions. Instead i started controlling the environment.

Of course I have my days, but the difference is that they are just days, they aren’t months of wallowing.

I get a little frazzled when people tell me, “no one is really THAT happy…” because I am living proof that that’s possible.

I don’t say this because I want you to envy me (I see you Karen, always posting the highlight reel), instead I want you to know that it’s POSSIBLE.

We’ve all heard the story about the dude that ran the 4 min mile, right? Once he broke the record, other runners soon fell in after him breaking that same record.

Why is this story so inspiring? Because a man stood up to the ‘science’, to the conventional norms, to the doctors, to the skeptics, and believed in HIMSELF and chased the goal anyway.

So you might be wondering, ‘ok great, but how do I even take the first step in changing my mindset?’

Such a great question -& one that MOST women are paralyzed with

The answer?


Most people are operating within old programs leading to a great deal of negative self-talk and low self-esteem. 

Paying attention to the words you use will tell you a great deal about what you believe about yourself.

The idea is to just observe here. No further judging or shaming

Dying to know the next steps in changing your limiting beliefs?

Do the first step and tell me what you find! If I get enough responses, I’ll share the next 2 steps 😀

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