Biggest Training Mistake (that’s keeping you from losing weight)

But the more I workout, the better?! Right? WRONG! This is one of the hardest misconceptions to break from. Especially as a CrossFitter.

Where does this belief come from?

For me, it came from watching my mom bounce from diet to diet claiming that ‘just looking at bread will make her fat.’

Coupled with reading every Women’s Health magazine, convincing me I needed ‘this exact meal plan for 6 pack abs’ or else I wouldn’t be happy or desired.

After an entire lifetime of brainwashing, it makes sense that we are convinced that our bodies can’t be trusted, we must micromanage our calories, and we’re a lazy pile if we ‘let ourself go.’

Well, I am no exception – I bought into the misconception that working out harder and longer will FINALLY give me the body I wanted. I burnt out HARD. My biggest wake up call was when I stuck to my macro plan gram by gram and my training plan rep by rep and I actually GAINED weight.

gained more than 15lbs after

Like the ugly kind of weight -15lbs of it – due to chronically high cortisol and inflammation from overtraining.

Think about it, if you wakeup, train hard, do it again the next day and the next – when do you have time to recover? You’re digging yourself into recovery debt that piles on from stress and inflammation, which results in water retention and fat gain.

The body stores fat when it’s stressed, starved, inflamed, imbalanced, or deficient in some way.

So this will hopefully give you a wakeup call to MAYBE back off training intensity and volume a bit if you are feeling inflamed, puffy, and weight is back firing on the scale.

This is your body talking to you 😊

I rest 2-3 days per week normally and make it a priority to do Vinyasa / Yin Yoga for 30 min 2x/wk and 10k steps per day.

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around – afterall, we’ve been brain washed our entire life to believe a certain lie. I used to think that “I was different, I can’t take rest days or I gain weight,’ and ‘I’m just going to gain weight if I stop working out’ and ‘I can’t trust my body, it’s always trying to rebel against me.’

These are all LIES, ladies!

No you won’t get stronger, faster, better with MORE and MORE training. No you won’t lose all your gains by taking an extra rest day (in fact you’ll probably actually MAKE gains for the first time in forever). And YES you’ll feel like you actually have a life outside of worrying and micromanaging your every bite and rep.

Have a great week and schedule in that rest day!

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