Beginner’s Guide to Natural Birth Control

In previous posts, we’ve talked at lengths about the ins and outs of tracking our cycle, basal body temperature, and cervical fluid to determine our FERTILE WINDOW (ie, when we should ‘suit up’ during sex if we don’t want babies). You can find those detailed, step-by-step guides here and here.

We know how frustrating it may seem to add yet ANOTHER thing to your day to practice and keep track of. But unlike tracking your macros, this information will tell us A LOT about your health.

Not only will this info tell us if you’re ovulating, but it can also tell us the health of your adrenals and thryoid!

Excited to get started? Great! This five-step beginner’s guide is for you

Step 1: Make sure you qualify!

Natural birth control isn’t for everyone. It does NOT protect you from catching or spreading STDs and so it is intended to be used by people in committed relationships where both partners have had a sexual health check.

️It also works best for people who have a regular cycle between 21-35 days. You can still use the apps if you have an irregular cycle, but as they are built to err on the side of caution, you might be advised to use protection more days than not. If you are coming straight off the pill, it might also take a while for the app to get enough data to confidently detect your not-fertile “safe” days

Step 2: Choose your app!

If you want to use FAM to prevent a pregnancy, it’s essential that you use one of the apps that is clinically approved for use as birth control, Currently, there’s only one app that has been approved by the FDA as contraceptive, and that’s Natural Cycles.

I personally use GLOW Cycle app because I have years of data stored there and don’t want to switch ha!

Step 3: Get started!

If you decide to go with Natural Cycles, the company will send you an oral basal thermometer that tracks your Basal Body Temperature (BBT). Click here for your starter kit.

If you are currently using an app like GLOW and don’t feel comfortable switching, We recommend a digital basal thermometer sensitive enough to measure hundredths of a degree. Check out this one here.

Another option is DAYSY fertility tracker which is the most accurate basal thermometers out there that comes with it’s own app as well. Click here to order with a discount!

Taking your BBT first thing in the morning allows the app to detect the slight rise in your temperature that takes place after ovulation and, therefore, when you can get pregnant. See this post for more detailed info on ovulation.

Step 4: Be diligent

For the app to work correctly, you have to commit to entering your temperature each day BEFORE you get out of bed, as well as logging when your result might be affected by lack of sleep, sickness or a hangover. To learn more about how to properly take your temperature in the morning, click here.

Step 5: Be patient!

It might take the app a bit of time to identify when your “safe” days are, but this is not lost time. Every day you enter new information you are learning more about your cycle!

Do you use a birth control app? Which one has worked best for you?

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