Balancing Performance & Fat Loss

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You face a special challenge when trying to lose weight for whatever reasons…competitions, gymnastics, aesthetics, etc.

You want to look the part of a CrossFit athlete, yet you don’t want to sacrifice your performance in the gym…

Trust me, I’ve been there. 3 hour sessions in the gym cannot be sustained with 160 g of carbs, which is often times prescribed for weight loss.

Enter macro-based dieting. Not only are you getting the optimal macros to facilitate a lean body, but you’re getting the energy you need to kill your workout and recover properly for the next.

You don’t have to sacrifice your PRs simply to get lean. It is absolutely possible to slay your workouts and achieve new PRs, all while improving a lean body composition.

We’ve done it myself and have coached CrossFitters, marathoners, and normal gym-goers to get there, too.

If you’re struggling to find that perfect balance of losing weight while also performing well in the gym. Or perhaps you need to bust through a plateau and start looking like the athlete you’ve been training to be. Then reach out and let us know, we can certainly help you find that sweet spot in as little as 1 – 2 months of coaching.

No weird supplements, no egg white omelets, no exotic recipes; just a simple formula, simple ingredients, amazing results in energy, PRs, endurance and exercise capacity, and oh ya, it happens to facilitate fat loss like no body’s business.

Let’s try taking your nutrition focus off of fat loss for once and onto your CrossFit or training performance and you will see results like never before!
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