Balanced Hormones, Balanced Life

Kaytlin Fowler is one of my hardest working clients that I have had the opportunity to work with. I loved her from the start because we shared a special bond. We both come from wheat farms in northern Montana. Awwww, how cool!

A Success Story of Reverse Dieting and Fat Loss

Kaytlin came to me during her last year as a PA student. She was under eating, trying to cope with insatiable sugar cravings, and working out at Anytime Fitness whenever she could muster the energy. It just wasn’t working for her.

Kaytlin had the goal of losing weight, but while she was already under-eating at 1000 calories per day, achieving a healthy metabolism and hormone profile were first on the list. So over the course of 4 months, we reverse dieted her all the way up to 2000 calories. That’s an impressive turn-around!

During the process of adding in more food, we first needed to educate Kaytlin on the negative side-effects of eating 1000 calories under your maintenance intake.

Negative Side Effects of Chronic Dieting

  • adrenal glands are on red alert – receiving a signal from the brain saying “this could be our last days if we don’t do something drastic here”
  • cortisol is high (overwhelmed and anxious much?)
  • thyroid hormone is down-regulated (bye bye metabolism)\
  • estrogen and progesterone are out of whack (good luck with your monthly cycle ladies)
  • testosterone is reduced (so muscle building and sex drive are meh)

Rinse and repeat this diet long enough and we have a slow metabolism, fat gain around the middle, sleep issues, depression, and anxiety. Until finally, we just accept that that’s the way life is going to be!

But that wasn’t cutting it for Kayt…

It wasn’t until AFTER we added 1000 calories back in to her diet and lived the good life with plenty of fuel and recovery, that we decided to initiate a 4-month cut together.

Here is a little snippet of how things went:

“I am so pleased how things have turned out now that I’ve finally hit the 4-month mark on this cut. My goal was tI wanted to get back down to around 140 and hit 143 today!

I can’t believe after all the stress and trials from this year that I was able to accomplish this much! Now we will start my reverse diet today adding 20C and 5F every other week.

Thank you for all your help and keeping me accountable and helping me get back to me! My mindset towards food is 10,000 times stronger and my cravings are not existent. This freedom from poor body image is priceless!”

Thereafter, Kaytlin was able to recover from the diet, continue eating at maintenance, while achieving the fat loss she desired.

If you are curious about how to achiever your fat loss goals, please contact us!