Are You Out of Balance?

Balance is dynamic. In chemistry, we call this equilibrium where constantly changing, but opposing forces are balanced.

The opposing forces of our life are ever-changing throughout our life cycles and vary depending on our careers, health, bank accounts, and other ‘minor’ things like having kids etc

Some of us have moments of zen, bliss and peace – a fleeting existence of equilibrium we know as balance…

But most of us have no idea what the heck we’re even talking bout right now. Like it’s something out of a fairy tell.

But I promise that balance is possible for you.

At 27, I’ve finally gotten the hint that staying in balance is more about the INNER experience, rather than waiting for and expecting life around us to calm down. Because it usually doesn’t.

For many of us, life has been so out of balance for so long, that we’re now paying a price of ungodly symptoms or even serious medical conditions.

Curious whether or not you are out of balance? Consider these symptoms of hormonal dysfunction:

  • Trouble falling asleep; waking in the night; not feeling rested when you wake
  • Cravings for caffeine, sugar, carbs, or fat
  • Irregular digestion, gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation
  • “Adrenal fatigue;” fatigue around 3-4 most afternoons, cravings at this time
  • Slow metabolism, weight gain around your middle, trouble losing weight even with diet and exercise
  • Anxiety and overwhelm
  • Depression when you wake in the morning, low motivation during the day, feelings of despair
  • Chronic colds, respiratory, or sinus infections; recurrence of old infections like cold sores
  • Irregular, painful, dysfunctional periods
  • Hormonal imbalances of any kind
  • Chronic inflammation, achy joints, and water retention
  • Autoimmune disease, including Hashimoto’s
  • Decreased memory and concentration, making mistakes at work
  • Blood sugar problems including low or high blood sugar; metabolic syndrome; insulin resistance or diabetes

Sound like fun? We often don’t realize that these symptoms are just an explanation of the type of life we have been living. They’re due to our stress response getting pushed into overdrive, and perhaps even getting ‘stuck’ there.

I don’t want to live like that, and I don’t want you to have to live like that, either!

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing that you have one. These symptoms may be COMMON, but they are not NORMAL. And we should not accept them into our lives no matter how long we’ve suffered with them.

Some of us feel at war with our body, we just want to feel like ourselves again, and what it might be like to have peace and balance in our life.

YOU. CAN. But it start with YOU. If you’re not willing to fight for the happy peaceful life you desire, there’s no one else that will, either.

In need of some help processing your symptoms? Let us know <3

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