Are You Muscling Your Way Through?

‘It doesn’t matter how physically strong you are

If you are not MENTALLY STRONG, you will not succeed!’

I’ve muscled my way through a lot of thing in my life, but after awhile I began to burn out

& that’s when my mind started playing tricks on me

Am I really worth it?

Can I really do this?

Maybe I’m not meant for more?

Should I just quit now?

First time I realized I couldn’t get what I want despite how hard I worked was last year when we were trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage

Like everything else, I thought the more I researched, strategized, did all the things it would guarantee I get pregnant faster

But I was just muscling my way through

yet again

It was a HUGE hit to my ego & I know a lot of other women trying to get pregnant face this humbling experience, too

I would cry that the result wasn’t happening for me despite ALL the hard work

The same goes for you all who are trying to change your body

So many of you are showing up EVERY DAY cardio-ing yourself to death, picking yourself apart in the mirror & wondering why changes aren’t happening for you

But have you considered that your mindset needs as much (if not more) training than your body?

How many of you have said, ‘once I lose the weight or once I get pregnant, THEN I’ll relax and work on a more positive, self-loving mindset’?

I used to put my mindset off as the last priority, too

That was until I was so tired of my shitty ‘why me?’ attitude, that I decided to listen to the mentors around me telling me that ‘mindset is EVERYTHING!’

When I made the shift, I found more GENUINE motivation to workout moderately, to eat healthy, to be kind to myself

I found more resilience & my body, my health, all changed because I changed ME at the root!

If you want to get results – whether it’s getting pregnant, fitting into your summer booty shorts, or making it big in your business, focus MORE on your mindset than ANYTHING else

Want to hear my favorite mindset books from this past year?

  • Fear is My Homeboy
  • You are a Badass
  • Get over Your Damn Self
  • Break the Habit of Being Yourself

Anything by John C Maxwell

What are your fav mindset books you can recommend I read next?!

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