Are You a YES Girl?!

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How many of you pack your am, work days, and pm so full with commitments that ya get to the end of the week and all you want to do is hole up on your couch and numb out to Netflix marathons?

Look, we’ve got to get real with what we are inflicting on our own bodies. Many of our health issues, hormonal imbalances, and mood disorders are coming from self-inflicted commitment overload!

I’m incredibly guilty of it, too…

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so burnt out and so devoid of energy, motivation, and enjoyment for life that I don’t even recognize myself. Sound familiar?

Looking back, I asked myself, ‘how did I let it get to that point? How could I be so far gone that I couldn’t see the signs that my body was telling me to slow down and rest!”

I realized that I had this deep-seeded belief that as a woman, my worth was defined by how busy I was, how much I gave to everyone else, and how little I asked for things in return.

I thought that I’d get recognition for how hard I worked and how much I exhausted myself in order to accomplish what I did.

Where is this belief coming from? Who are we seeking approval from? Why do we need permission to put ourselves first?

I was able to realize that this belief came from my upbringing, societal norms, and, not going to lie, the positive feedback I’d get after accomplishing something despite degrading my self-care.

I was taught to just “take whatever life threw at me”. I was never told that I was in charge of my work/life balance. And thus I never felt empowered to really take charge of my stress load…it was always, “do what needs to be done and don’t complain about it” type of attitude.

I also had this insatiable need to please other people because I was scared to disappoint them.

This led me to say yes to things that truly exhausted me to the core. I’d show up, put in my time, and become resentful towards the person or situation – not exactly what I would call ‘living my best life’…

Another belief getting in our way is that self-care has to be this big lavish thing where we spend all day at the spa in order to rejuvenate. Like how many of us have time for that?!

Instead, I found that little moments of practice throughout the day kept me clear headed and to where I felt cared for by myself…

These things included….
-sit on my back porch
-move thru mobility poses
-take deep breaths
-coconut scrub in the shower

So a lot of you might be thinking…’well there’s just no way I can decrease my stress load…

Because I HAVE to be a member of the school board or I HAVE to take care of my mom’s house when she’s gone, or I HAVE to go to the 5am CF class….” but do you really? Or are you just doing these things because you think you HAVE to?

I challenge you to ask yourself where this belief comes from and if you are truly doing these things because it is in alignment with your values or if you are blindly saying yes to things because you don’t want to disappoint others, or perhaps you too have a belief that you have to do it all yourself.

The more clarity you can get around how these things make you feel (if it’s draining you or not) then you can get to that place of deciding, “you know what, I’m not willing to tolerate that anymore…that has got to go…”

So here is my challenge to you…

Think about what truly matters to you – what is a “hell yes” to you and what is a “no” and work towards eliminating or delegating to others what doesn’t serve you. Let this decision empower you rather than guilt you. Because if you continue down the path you are on, how are you going to show up in life 5 years down the road? Can you afford to be even more sick, exhausted, malnourished? I know I couldn’t!

Share with a love that needs a kind push towards better balance 😀

Inspired by a podcast from Steph Gaudreau’s HTK Radio <3 Check her out!!