Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Fertility?

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Words spoken from one of my Holistic Fertility Clients as we planned to postpone her IVF treatments due to Corona Virus

My response?

“Would you tell your best friend in your exact situation that, ‘maybe this means you shouldn’t have a baby…”


So why are we saying this to ourselves?

Why are we looking for every excuse to validate that we aren’t deserving enough to get pregnant, have a baby & be a mother?


Conditioning is a combo of childhood experiences & the repetition of these experiences throughout life

Some are great, some are not so great

The not so great conditioning is called LIMITING BELIEFS & show up as phrases like

I am not good enough

Life is unfair

The world is not safe

No one cares about me

I don’t deserve happiness

These beliefs drive our thoughts, self talk, habits & thus shape our reality

They are the reason we look for external validation

They are the reason we say things like “postponing IVF is a sign that I shouldn’t be a mother”

The beautiful thing about beliefs is that they were LEARNED at the beginning & are just as easily UN-learned now

Within our 90 day holistic fertility coaching program (HFM), I take you through a signature 3 step methodology to uncover your limiting beliefs & rewrite new ones that support your most desirable goals in life

The benefit of working through your conditioned beliefs is 3 fold:

1 – you no longer have to suffer from self-sabotaging thoughts & habits

2 – you free yourself to accomplish the things you want out of self love

3 – you don’t pass on these limiting beliefs to our children

I know you’re in a great deal of pain & anxiety right now. Life is the most stressful it’s ever been

Which is why we are offering a week of FREE ROOT-CAUSE DISCOVERY CALLS. This is for you, if…

You’re being consumed with fear, doubt & negative thoughts

You’re beating yourself about not being in control of your fertility

You feel like giving up & forgetting your dreams of being a mother

I’m opening up my line of support to give you the tools & empowerment to take control of your new direction

Click Here to book your call.


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