1 year ago, I was heartbroken and hopeless..spending my spare moments sulking in depression

Obsessed with getting pregnant NOW

And resenting anyone else who was

I was ashamed, lost and alone

“I just want to have a baby…”

I felt desperate

I knew that if I just kept trying HARDER – reading more books, taking more supplements, trying acupuncture, measuring my BBT –  that I’d get pregnant

I mean, this tactic worked for everything else in my life…why not this too?

Turns out, that’s NOT how fertility works at all

Every month I’d get my period, I’d submerge myself deeper into the guilt, shame, and desperation

I felt my heart contract

My throat close up

and tears start to well up

I’d rush to the bathroom, turn on all faucets, and just cry

I let myself go so deep into my story of unworthiness that I was afraid I’d never come out

But I did

Time healed most of my wounds, but so did my intention to recreate my own ‘worthiness’ story

It wasn’t a magic trick nor was it luck

It was me, being willing to Go DEEP & LET GO

Let go of the control

Of the stories

Of the limiting beliefs

Of the judgements

Of the shame

Of the victim-mentality

And from that, I rose from the ashes, changed forever into the woman I am proud to be today

If you’re like most women experiencing fertility issues…

you spend the majority of your time wallowing in your guilt, shame, and loneliness

And although I think it’s important to feel the grief…

It’s no way to bring forth new life…

Fertility isn’t just about a baby

It’s about loving your body, knowing you are worthy of love and nourishing your body in all its imperfect glory

It’s about acknowledging your fears and dreaming anyways

It’s about getting to the heart of who you are and what you seek in this work

It’s about breaking through excess layers holding you back and discovering how to live a more soulful, joyous life

The only thing standing in between you and everything you ever wanted is YOU

Don’t turn away from these emotions, turn towards them…face them head on…and become a better woman…a better leader…a better mother…because of them

Unsure what this looks like for you? I’m here to start a conversation with you – I’ll see you in my DMs, love

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