are you so sick of spending an embarrassing amount of time in the gym, but scared to admit that you’re actually gaining weight?

are you ready to finally stop obsessing over what your body looks like, but not sure how to do that without losing all your strength?

are you confused on how to actually workout without being burnt out, bloated, and exhausted from CF?

I know the uncomfortable place you’re in right now because I was once there, too

These questions consumed me

It’s all I ever thought about, dreamt about, talked about & Googled

I would beat myself up

if I could just make myself get into the gym on Saturday mornings, THAT will be what gets me to the top of the leader board

if I could just stick to my macros, cut my carbs a bit & limit my fat THEN I’ll be able to fit back into my jeans this fall

Do I need to hire a macro coach? Karen has one

Should I buy more supplements? Becky said creatine should help

What about an accessory program? Cheryl comes in again to do hers in the afternoon

I know you have these questions because I had them too

The constant rat race

The constant chasing

The endless frustration

Meanwhile, you know that CF probably isn’t the best for you aesthetically
you know that it’s keeping you exhausted & you’re always bailing out of plans on the weekend

but at the same time

you can’t seem to give up your identity as a CFeryour competitive mindset is reallllll

plus CrossFit is like the only thing you look forward to after your super boring & unfulfilling job

I told you I get you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can I get an AMEN SISTER for all my babes in this place right now?

Get in my commentsGet in my DMs

Let me help you make sense of this so we can get you moving in the rigth direction and ACTUALLY start feeling energized, happy, looking lean, & feeling capable outside the gym

you know, all the reasons you started CF in the first place ๐Ÿ˜‰

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