What Women Really Want

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I lack self confidence, I lack authenticity, I lack connection, I’m unworthy, what’s the point?…

It’s really HARD to trust anyone

My STRESS is so out of control

I’m running your body into the GROUND

I have no idea how to ‘take it EASY’

I’ve worked SO HARD to get ‘where I’m at’ &

I’m NERVOUS to ‘stop’ in FEAR of losing it all.

I know I need to CONNECT with my body,

Become more AWARE &

Actually LISTEN to what it needs

But… I have no idea HOW &

I’m fearful of giving up CONTROL

Plus, I might DISAPPOINT people

Lose my ‘FRIENDS’

Lose my ‘IDENTITY’

become IRRELEVANT & fall behind

I am working so hard to carry my ARMOR, build up WALLS, & look PERFECT

But on the inside I’m crumbling, in shambles, empty

What’s this all for again?!

These are just some of the thoughts in my head preventing me from doing what was BEST for my body & 

Instead, I continued to ignore the signs

I eventually dug a hole so deep that it led to the worst 3 years of my life

By the time I gained 15lbs, developed cystic acne, crippled with fatigue, addicted to stimulants, depressed & anxious, miscarrying, I finally got the message

I was so focused on PERFECTION & surface level shit, that I’d do anything to PLEASE others, get APPROVAL, be ACCEPTED

I know all too well that you likely fear losing control over your body by giving up control over your training & nutrition

But let me ask you this, do you actually feel in control right now?

Likely not even close – which is why you’re always looking for the next diet, the next pill, or the next book to gain that edge

If this is you, let me hear you

It’s time to support each other through this transition so that we can start making the best decision for OURSELVES & stop identifying with material things & worrying about what others think

Health is more than macros, abs, & CrossFit

Take care of yourself & seek others who will support you in doing the same

Who’s ready for this new movement in women’s health?

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