5 Root Causes of Hormonal Dysregulation

Chances are you’re struggling with one or more of the following symptoms: fatigue, memory loss, focus issues, anxiety, depression, weight gain. What about hormonal issues such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, or acne? Perhaps accompanying these symptoms are digestive problems, migraines, frequent illnesses, UTIs, seasonal allergies, or food intolerances?

Holy buckets – that’s a lot!

The intriguing thing is that the body possesses its own innate healing wisdom – it intrinsically WANTS to move towards repair & wellness – which begs the question, “Why does my body have so many issues then?”

If you’re struggling with one of the above symptoms, we’ve got to look at WHY it’s happening in order to solve the issue & move you towards better health.

I recently read a book on Thyroid & Adrenal health by Aviva Romm (one of my favs) and here is what I learned:

5 root causes of the symptoms you may be experiencing…

Chronic emotional / mental stress

Food triggers

Gut imbalance

Toxic buildup


Again your body wants to be healthy & balanced so all we need to do is REMOVE the barriers keeping us from moving forward & GIVE your body what it needs through the right nutrients & lifestyle habits.

You do not have to be settling for a life of pills for every illness or life of symptoms & disease. There is an explanation why you feel sick & tired. We don’t have to settle for our doctor’s explanation that it’s “just a sign of aging” or “a case of bad genes.”

For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting snippets from the book helping to explain the common symptoms you may be feeling & what you can do to move the needle forward sans pills or surgeries.

I’m not here to give you advice above your dietitian or doctor, instead I am hoping to provide you with easy exclamations that will help you feel empowered & be successful in your own health journey.

First up this week is decoding the stress response & what it SHOULD look like when your adrenals are healthy (hint, it’s probably the OPPOSITE of what you’re experiencing).

Tag a friend who may be interested & stay tuned!

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