Ever feel like your body’s physiology is kept a secret?

Like we (the patients) couldn’t possibly handle the complexity of it’s inter-workings?

For me this showed up in comments from my conventional MD like, “well according to my 8 years in medical training….” or “the trouble with Googling your symptoms is…”

…as if they were offended that I wanted to be involved in the outcome of my health.

In fact, one of my friends who is an NP said there’s running joke amongst doctors about ‘women who come in thinking they know everything about their bodies.’

And it makes sense, the idea that women’s symptoms are ‘all in their heads’ has been baked into medical knowledge itself.

“Often, women’s symptoms are brushed off as the result of depression, anxiety, or the all-purpose favorite: stress.

Sometimes, they are attributed to women’s normal physiological states and cycles: to menstrual cramps, menopause, or even being a new mom.

Whatever the particular attribution, there is often the same current of distrust: the sense that women are not very accurate judges of when something is really, truly wrong in their bodies” (“Doing Harm” by Maya Dusenbery).

Ok so we know that there’s anecdotal evidence of a trust gap between MD and patient, now what do we do about it?

Well, I just want to bring awareness to it & affirm to you that you aren’t alone.

But instead of getting mad, feeling victimized & focusing your energy on blame…

Channel your energy INWARD, trust your intuition, and find a practitioner that is willing to listen to your whole-body experience.

Trust that you know more about your body than anyone else & find someone who is willing to put you on a pedestal during your healing journey.

I promise they exist!

I’ve found leaps and bound of empowerment, knowledge & trust from functional medicine doctor Jolene Brighten herbalists/midwife/MD AvivaRromm & functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama just to name a few.

There’s also amazing functional / holistic health coaches out there that truly ‘get it’ in terms of whole-body healing & can help you implement necessary lifestyle & nutrition changes for better help.

Would love to hear your journey to finding the help you needed!

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