3 Times We Should Never Detox

Our body is constantly detoxing on it’s own. However, our lack of nutritious food & increase in exposure to environmental toxins has landed us in state of increased toxic burden.

To improve our body’s detoxifying innate ability, we can reduce eposure to inflammatory foods & toxins, increase our intake of certain vitmains, minerals, phytochemiclas, and amino acids, & also improve our elimination pathways.

However, there are certain times in our life where ramping up detox pathways would do more harm than good. During these times, our body is still detoxifying on it’s own, but we shouldn’t be purposefully ramping it up.


After our liver detoxifies the hormones we produce & the chemicals we consume, they are sent to the bile / intestines to be eliminated. However, if we’re not ‘going’ at least 1x/day, these toxins sit in the colon & may be reabsorbed into circulation, thus increasing the toxic load on the body.

It’s important to optimize your elimination FIRST before starting a detox protocol.

We recommend:
-35g of fiber/day
-2 T. lacto-fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi)
-probiotic (we love Hyperbiotics PRO-15)
-150-500mg Mg citrate before bed
-try gentle bitter herb tea (dandelion, yellow dock, etc)


Women store fat-soluble environmental chemicals (BPA, PCBs, dioxins, etc) in their fat mass as a protective mechanism. Pregnancy, however, initiates fat burning and release of these stored toxins.

So the last thing we’d want to do is free up toxins & expose them to the growing baby.

We recommend starting a fat loss / detox plan at least 1 year prior to the planned conception time. This allows 3 months between the end of the detox & conception.


A detox is a big deal, your body needs all hands on deck. This isn’t the case if we are ill or immune compromised. Consult with a functional doctor before beginning any detox protocol.

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Have you ever tried a detox? We’d love to hear your experience!

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