3 Questions to Uncover your EMOTIONAL HOME


That illusive word  we think is so far out of reach

“I don’t hve time””I have to much to get done””I just don’t have the energy to focus on that right now””that woowoo shit doesn’t work for me”

What ever story you tell yourself, that’s cool, but


I used to troll around day to day reacting to my environment

  • ‘He MADE ME get so angry today’
  • ‘My coworker ANNOYS ME so much I could die’
  • ‘Getting in front of those people MAKES ME so scared’
  • ‘I ate dinner at my mom’s house so I HAD TO eat her lasagna’

I’m going to let you in on a little secret

No one makes you feel anything

That’s all on you babe

Your emotions that you feel are created from a belief, a thought, and then neuropeptides floating in your blood connecting to receptors.

These pathways to emotions get ingrained into us at a young age

We watch our mom judge the obese person in the grocery store parking lot, so we create the belief that extra weight = unworthiness

We watch our dad get furious at his boss because he’s so overworked. so we create the belief that work = stressful

The list goes on for a mile down the road, we call this emotional baggage

And if we don’t tend to our baggage. well our baggage tends to us in ways we are usually ashamed of

Maybe we unconscionably stop eating to prevent ourselves from gaining weight and feeling unworthy

Maybe we unconsciously hate our job & become depressed because that’s just what people do


Not sure how? I’m going to show you, my love

Get out a cute journal from Target & take not of EVERy emotion tha comes up during the day

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • unworthiness
  • fear
  • uncertainty
  • doubt
  • depressed

don’t forget the happy ones, too

  • excitement
  • gratitude
  • joy
  • curiosity
  • calm
  • grounded
  • aware
  • energized

Then answer these 3 questions after each emotion

1. How is my posture? How am I moving across the room? How loud or quiet am I talking?

2. Where is my focus – positive or negative? past, present or future? pessimistic or optimistic?

3. What is the language I am using to describe myself and the world?

You’ll see patterns show up…

For example when you feel depressed, you move slow, look at the floor, talk quietly with hesitation, think thoughts like ‘why bother’ or ‘nothing good ever happens to me,’ etc.

Likewise when you are confident, you move with purpose, talk with certainty, stay in the present moment, grounded in gratitude & think thoughts like ‘I have all the answers within me, I am resourceful, I am worthy, I am energized.”

Who is excited to improve their emotional home?!

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