3 Life-Altering Steps to Happiness

It’s crazy to think that just 6 months ago I was living right on that edge, right on that margin, where it was like “holy shit, if one more thing happens today, I swear to God I’m going to lose it!” And it was like that with everything… money, energy, relationships, work, time…It’s so crazy to me because I haven’t had a day like that in MONTHS! What changed?

Well, I’ll tell you what I did in 3 life-altering steps:

1) I chose happiness.

Go ahead, roll your eyes…
But I decided that I was no longer going to act like a whiny child pouting in the toy store. ENOUGH already, Jesus! You live in one of the richest countries in the world, you’re perfectly healthy, have a job, friends, family, running vehicle, hell, even running water! Grow up already!

2) I chose 3 things to be grateful for every day.

From the rich smell of coffee to the house we live in and EVERYTHING in between. I recognized the richness and beauty in my life. The universe is so sensual…all the colors, music, tastes, and touches…I can literally make myself high just looking out the window. And the best part? We have access to these gifts every day!

Let me put this in perspective for you…Imagine spending months making this beautiful gift for your friend’s birthday. You are putting every ounce of creativity and effort into this gift..you know she is going to absolutely love it!! Now the day finally comes for her to open up her present. You can’t wait, you are so excited for her! She opens the present and shrugs her shoulders, “huh, well thanks I guess,” and tosses it to the side. You are absolutely devastated…. The universe has spent billions of years creating these gifts, don’t toss them to the side like you’re too cool for school. Come on now…you’re better than that.

3) I replaced negative thoughts with positive ones.

Look, I could wake up in the morning and tell myself how much I suck, that I don’t deserve this house or my kind husband, I’m not cut out for my job, I’m a loser, no one likes me; Or I could tell myself that I worked fucking hard for this life, I deserve every piece of my success, it wasn’t by chance – I did this, I am capable of so much more greatness, I am going to change the world, bring it – let’s fucking go! Which thought process do you choose every morning?

I went from living each day in a happiness deficit to thriving each day in a happiness surplus. See, you might think that happiness happens to you when the time is right. Bull shit! You don’t just get happy when you get the fancy promotion, you don’t just get happy when you get married, you don’t just get happy when you buy the bigger house! You are not entitled to just GET happy…You build a foundation of it, you contribute to it every day! And the best part, you can get happy right NOW with all the amazing things that you already have!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s so important to strive for more success and fulfillment by doing what you are passionate about, but don’t think that THAT right there is what’s going to make you happy. Happiness is a daily practice and takes a shit ton of commitment and mundane work. It’s not glamorous and it’s slow going, which should already convince you that it’s worth it.

Parting words on how to be happy…

I bet you’ve all heard a thing or two about meditation and mindfulness by now. I bet some of you are also getting pretty sick of hearing about it ( I know my significant other is). That’s ok, I get it. You are comfy-cozy in your negative, stressed out, impatient lifestyles. That’s what you know best. It’s terrifying of letting that go.

Now, imagine if you never got upset at your spouse or kids, never experienced road rage again, took random vacations, helped anyone and everyone you could, and what if you did all these things AUTOMATICALLY, you didn’t have to muster up any willpower or call upon a motivational speaker. It’s just who you are now..calm, content, and holding your future by the balls because you are no longer reactive…you are on the forefront, dictating the things that happen to you.

So go ahead and read through this and not take action or get interested in the one thing that should take precedence in your life … your brain.
Love you all! Hope I fired you up, happy Friday!