You pride yourself on hitting the gym, accomplishing your to-do list, and being hella productive

But over time, you find yourself losing motivation in the gym, unable to recover after workouts, getting sick more often, and even feeling depressed and irritable

So what do you do?

Push HARDER, of course!

Unfortunately this leads to an even FASTER decline in your adrenal health and overall hormone balance

You see, the health of your adrenals is the first in the hormonal chain. If these guys go out, the rest of the system will fall short soon after

That’s why it’s no surprise to see some women suffering with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, excessive inflammation, illness, & even period problems

Don’t do what I did 3 years ago and keep pushing harder. Learn from my mistakes and practice these 10 Adrenal Healing tips:

  1. Restore Blood Sugar Control – remove sugar & refined carbohydrates to take the load off the adrenals during blood sugar crashes
  2. Remove Inflammatory Foods – elimination of oxidized fats will reduce the total inflammation of the body, thus relying less on cortisol to quell that inflammation
  3. Add Himalayan Sea Salt. Especially if you are experiencing low blood pressure (feel lightheaded when you rise from sitting). If you get up to go pee quite a bit at night, make sure your last meal of the day is high in salt as well. Other options that are high in electrolytes are coconut water and vegetable juices! 
  4. Balance sodium and potassium. A high serum potassium & low sodium ratio can suggest adrenal fatigue. Good sources of potassium include figs! We are looking for a functional range of potassium to fall between 4.0 and 4.5 mmol/L. And Sodium should fall between 135.0 and 140.0 mmol/L
  5. Supplements: Omega 3s, probiotics, Vitamin A & D (FCLO), B vitamins, magnesium at night
  6. Eliminate Food Allergens / Sensitivities – these also cause added stress to the immune system. In fact, part of the reason those food sensitivities can feel good is because that release of antibodies and cytokines to deal with the invader or damage, is that it’s accompanied by a release of adrenaline — putting the body into some internal fight or flight and spending from the overdrawn bank account.
  7. Cut the Caffeine – this false sense of energy is actually depleting the system to a greater degree. Green tea may be ok if the system isn’t too fatigued
  8. No Skipping meals or food groups – refrain from protein only diets, keto, etc. You want a good balance of vitamins and minerals from a well-rounded whole foods diet to support the body coming back into balance. 
  9. Eat an evening snack of protein – which helps to maintain blood sugar throughout the night so you aren’t waking up or restless
  10. SLEEP! Don’t be surprised if you sleep 12+hrs a day for weeks on end i the fatigue is bad enough

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